Neuropsychology services

Patients affected by a brain injury often experience changes in their cognitive performance, in their emotional experience and in their ability to cope with everyday life and professional demands. The VAMED Rehabilitation Center Zurich-Seefeld offers evidence-based neuropsychological support for the rehabilitation process based on individual rehabilitation goals, which includes the following services:

  • Neuropsychological diagnostics: creating a profile of strengths and deficits in cognitive functions, such as attention, memory, perceptual processing, logical and problem-solving thinking and identification of psychological stress factors
  • Neuropsychological therapy: Targeted, individually tailored training programs for affected cognitive functions, strategies for coping with everyday life, coaching in coping with reintegration at home and at work
  • Rehabilitation psychological counseling: Psychotherapeutic support in the process of coming to terms with the illness, counseling for couples and families affected by brain injury, psychological support for home and professional reintegration

Neuropsychological diagnostics is a compulsory service provided by health and accident insurance companies with a doctor's prescription. We offer neuropsychological therapy and rehabilitation psychological counseling, including systemic couple and family therapy, for accident, disability and military insurances as well as self-paying patients.

"Body & Mind"unique offer

Concomitant mental illnesses have an enormous impact on quality of life and physical rehabilitation. We also take the psychological situation of our patients into account during rehabilitation. For the first time, we offer everything in an outpatient form and are therefore unique. Our interdisciplinary team helps patients find a way to deal with their illness and adjust to their new life situation. A patient's environment also has a significant influence on their recovery. We try to take all these factors into account as comprehensively as possible in each individual case.