Physiotherapy treatments

More independence, mobility and quality of life: neurological rehabilitation through physiotherapy aims to help patients reintegrate into their familiar surroundings. This is achieved through the targeted promotion and improvement of physical functions that are crucial in everyday life or leisure activities.

Services for headaches

In case of headaches, an individually specific service is offered in terms of stress reduction, muscle relaxation (manually or with dry needling), strengthening of muscles and ergonomics.

Services for vertigo

In the case of vertigo (e.g. rotatory vertigo, vertigo due to swaying, other types of vertigo), the full range of treatment options for different types of vertigo is offered. Based on the findings of the type of vertigo, a specific therapy service is offered (balance training, oculomotor skills, proprioception, positional vertigo training, visual dependency, vestibular rehabilitation).

Training und massage

Depending on the location and severity of a structural neurological change, different disease progressions arise that require individual treatment. The first step in neurological rehabilitation is therefore to assess the clinical and physiotherapeutic findings. The aim is to evaluate physical changes that affect and restrict everyday and leisure activities. This is followed by a discussion of goals, in which we define the next phases of rehabilitation together with the patient. The targeted activities are specifically promoted with medical training, physiotherapy sessions and massages. State-of-the-art training equipment from the rehabilitation center is available for training and treatment.

Medical training therapy (MTT)

Medical training therapy, or MTT for short, is supervised training to build up and strengthen physical performance. In MTT, you benefit from training under supervision that is tailored to your individual needs. This type of training focuses on coordination, balance, strength building and physiotherapy, among other things. The program consists of a combination of classic equipment and modern technologies. All exercise equipment is also available for independent training sessions. We also recommend training together with other patients, as this has a motivating effect and encourages exchange. The training and conditions of MTT are suitable for people with all levels of mobility.


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