Psychological psychotherapy

In difficult life situations, psychological stress or physical illness, psychological psychotherapy helps to identify underlying problems, finding solutions and utilizing one's own resources and skills. The aim is to improve the quality of life, to cope independently with the challenges of everyday life and to positively shape relationships in partnerships, families and in social context. As a competence center for outpatient neurological rehabilitation, we specialize in the psychotherapeutic support of rehabilitation processes following an acute or chronic illness. 

We also offer a holistic therapeutic approach for (neuro-)psychosomatic disorders:

  • Psychological psychotherapy for mental illnesses: 
    Cognitive-behavioral therapy, talk therapy and systemic therapy for mental disorders (e.g. depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, adjustment disorders and somatoform disorders).
  • Rehabilitation psychological psychotherapy: Psychotherapeutic support for reintegration processes in the private and professional environment, taking into account acquired impairments and individual resources.  
  • (Neuro-) psychosomatic psychotherapy: Development of concepts and solutions for physical symptoms, such as pain, dizziness, sleep disorders, reduced resilience, fatigue, which interact with other psychologically stressful factors (e.g. stress, undesirable behavioral patterns, biographical burdens, conflicts in relationships or at work, critical life events). 

With a prescription from your family doctor or psychiatrist, our psychological psychotherapy services are a compulsory benefit provided by health insurance companies.


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